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U vindt hier alle documenten en publicaties die wij aanbieden via onze website. Het gaat om adviezen, rapporten, besluiten, brochures, factsheets, jaarverslagen en scans. U kunt filteren op publicatiesoort, sector, subsidie of regeling en op land.

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  1. Maritime Trade on Lake Tanganyika: Trade Opportunities for Zambia
    PDF document | 3,53 MB | 06 augustus 2019

    Lake Tanganyika, which spans over 650km and provides a maritime connection between Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Burundi, has high economic potential. Despite its strategic geographic location, many business opportunities remain unexploited. This is partly due to a lack of infrastructure, but also hampered by limited insights in regional market demands and cross-border interactions. With large infrastructural development projects underway (in particular Mpulungu port, Zambia), governments, NGO’s and entrepreneurs are eager to identify new business opportunities. Therefore, RVO in 2018 commissioned a study into the market opportunities on and around Lake Tanganyika. This study examines the growth potential of particular producing sectors and advises also on how ports and logistics companies could provide additional services to local traders. | Uitvoerders: Ecorys B.V. and PMTC Zambia Limited | More information about RVO’s projects on Lake Tanganyika can be found on aiddata: | Date of publication: August 2019

  2. Oman Logistics 2013
    PDF document | 58,87 KB | 26 oktober 2015

    Business opportunities in Oman Logistics market 2013 (3) Business opportunities in Oman’s Logistics /Maritime Sector 2013 From Economic Section / Muscat To EVD Date November 11th, 2013 Subject Oman: Port...

  3. Port of Oakland.pdf
    PDF document | 2,28 MB | 15 augustus 2014

    Port of Oakland in Dire Need of Updated Infrastructure by Natasha Chatlein – NOST San Francisco, CA, US Infrastructure funding for the Port of Oakland is long overdue. The Port of Oakland’s jurisdiction oversees not only the Oakland seaport, which...