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Providing Analytical Services for informed Farming in Kenya

Project number



  • Kenya


  • Eldoret region


  • Agriculture
  • Services

Project budget

€ 2,702,225 (FDOV contribution = € 1,351,113)


  • Tree of Knowledge BV
  • Heifer Nederland
  • SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
  • AgriQuest Ltd
  • BLGG Groep BV

Project description

The project aims to improve land potential in Kenya by introducing soil testing services. By making use of spectral technology instead of wet chemistry the technology enables the project to execute the analysis in half an hour and is much better for the environment as well as the working environment compared to wet chemistry. It is an existing technique which has to be calibrated with respect to the local context. The project wants to make use of mobile labs to reach out to the farmers. The applicant is Tree of Knowledge partnering with its local affiliation AgriQ Quest. In order to have access to farmer networks, two NGOs, SNV and Heifer are added to the consortium because they have extended networks amongst the farmers. These networks will enable BLGG AgriQ Quest to promote their activities and have an infrastructure for their services. Besides the analysis of soil and animal feed, the service will also include training and advice in order to enable the farmers to translate the analysis results into specific measures to improve their land.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is formal partner in this project.