Deliver-E: Development of Smart Modular Swappable Battery Packs for Commercial Urban Electric Scooters (2017)

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23 juli 2020
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5 november 2018

This DKTI project will focus on the design and implementation of a smart modular swappable batterypack for e-scooters. The project activities range from requirements definition from the end user perspective, research and development of a swappable battery module, and field tests of delivery e-scooters with the developed swappable battery pack. Of particular focus will be the smart ICT systems enabling optimised asset management of the packs.


Korte omschrijving van de activiteiten

The following steps are considered within the project (WP lead Description):

  • Dominos Requirements: collecting the requirements from the end user in terms of range, operability, and robustness.
  • TNO Technical specifications the requirements are translated into technical specifications of a swappable battery pack, using measurements, models and optimization of current delivery systems.
  • Spike Design and Development: the technical specifications are then used to design and develop the battery for e-scooters.
  • GreenMo Functional Verification: The developed battery is fitted into a e-scooter powertrain where a functional verification is carried out.
  • Dominos Validation and Field Trial: the e-scooter is then tested with field operations by the end user.
  • FIER Assessment and Business Case: the applicability of the developed product is evaluated from a business perspective in the scope of deliveries.


  • Automotive Campus Helmond
  • Rotterdam

Deelnemers / type organisatie / rol in het project

Naam deelnemer

Type organisatie

Rol in project

TNO (penvoerder) Onderzoeksorganisatie
  • Modelling and Algorithms
  • Energy planning
  • Dissemination
Dominos Netherlands BV Groot Bedrijf
  • Business Validations
  • Launching customer
  • Telematics specifications
Dominos Pizza Zwijndrecht BV Klein Bedrijf
  • End User, Field Trialling
GreenMo Services BV Klein Bedrijf
  • e-Scooter rental
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Vehicle software architecture
  • Vehicle platform engineering
Spike Technologies BV Klein Bedrijf
  • Battery Prototype
  • Scale-up for manufacturing
FIER Automotive Klein Bedrijf
  • Business Modelling

Resultaten en doelstellingen

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